Saturday, December 26, 2009

Good things come ...even to naughty kittens!

Just passing by the Christmas tree ...

Click on Santa's hat to zoom in!


yum yum!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Thursday, November 05, 2009


It's been so long since this blog hasn't been updated - for reasons that could not be avoided: lack of time, lack of Internet access ... but that hasn't stopped Eiríkr from growing up and turning 6 months just yesterday.

In the month that has passed Eiríkr has become an acknowledged member of the national and international feline community: he has a health card and he has completed all his four (yes, poor thing, four!!! ) vaccines.

He successfully went through a residence change and learned what a wonderful place to sleep on radiators are and how fascinating the across the alley pigeons move.

He became a skilled gardener, carefully overlooking over the clover pot - which he grazes with care, not greed!

He lost some teeth, gained others, grown a bushy tail and an unsurpassed flair for begging yoghurt.

He has become the loveliest ball of fluff!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Curious George

wants to know where the flufflez are goin' ...?

The flufflez leave for work, George. They do that sometimes ...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Latest in Home Décor

The Blue Bicyle Association in collaboration with Poet Bear Inc. proudly presents:

pillow with a tail! pillow-tail!

a must have this fall!
Comes in a variety of gold and orange shades.
Silly kitten attached.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

My first visit to the veterinarian

Today I went to the vet. It was my first visit there so I tried to make a very good impression. What can I say? I had her at my little claw!

The lady vet weighted me and it turned out I'm 1.3 kg - and all of that is cuteness, fuzziness and charm! no blubber!

She also gave me a very bitter anti-parasites pill which I am to take every 2 weeks for the next month, some Vitamin A and some feeding information for my caretaker - we'll see more about those ..I can be quite a beggar when I crave for something!

Other than that I was in excellent shape, a real model!

Now, if you excuse me, being all that perfect has worn me out....

Monday, July 20, 2009

Secrets of a good afternoon nap

1. Location

2. Location

3. Location

4. ...

5. ...

6. Location!

7. ...and a cute face

Saturday, July 18, 2009


This muzzle belongs to my sister, Sara. Or is it Sarah? - pffft, fancy schmancy human name...

As the etiquette requires she's now visiting my new domain and will be welcomed here for about a week as she's let her human servant take a few days off. And they says us cats are selfish...

She's OK'ish as company and she has the funkiest positions when it comes to sleeping

but she sometimes forgets she's just a guest and becomes a bit too bossy.

Luckily I always keep an eye on her and make sure I put her in the right place with a paw or a gentle bite. One should never forget their manners, I surely don't!


OK, so maybe it is time I introduce myself a bit.

There isn't much to say, since I'm only 2 months and 2 weeks old but I guess some general information didn't hurt anyone.

My name - as you might have guessed already - is Eiríkr.

Eiríkr inn Rauda to be more precise, as a direct reference to the colour of my coat and - my servants hope - my personality.

I am a Norwegian Forest Cat, living in a very warm country. As I said before, my fur is some sort of tabby red - for now, and my eyes a golden greenish something, but again, I'm too young to give out these as certain characteristics. Let's just say I look smashing baby!

I am not of a pure breed but my parents - Rommie (that would make me Eiríkr Rommsen! he he he) and Pisumi look and behave 100% like Norwegian Forest Cats so who cares about standards and breed profiles when you get to meet a marvel of a cat like me?

I'm a 100 % trv, grim and frostbitten tomcat and that should be Norsk skogkatt'ish enough for all the skeptics out there.

Well, I guess that's all for now, so excuse me while I go take a nap. In this heat it's the only sensible thing to do. Really!

Caturday delight

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My first day

in my second home.

Greetings! My name is Eiríkr.

Or Eric. Or Hey! Or Meow! Or pleeeease kitty, stop mewing, pleeease!
And this is my blog.

When I'm not meowing I'm playing and when I'm not playing I'm eating and when I'm not eating I'm sleeping (like a little piggy that I am) and totally ignoring the silly humans that crave my attention.

And when I'm doing none of those I'm inspiring my servants to write here. I can't be bothered typing you see ...

Another thing I don't like is having my picture taken.
It could be 'cause I'm shy ..or maybe I'm too fancy to be caught on camera! I'll let you figure out which one is it.

Here, I'll strike a pose just for one photograph...

After some two hours of exploring my new domain

and letting my servants know I can be quite loud when expressing my desires I found a neat little spot between the couch and the dresser and I laid down for a little nap.

One can never have enough of those.