Thursday, April 28, 2011

Do Not Disturb

In my parents' house, Eiríkr has a few favourite nap spots:
  • on the wardrobe - where he can't be bothered since no one is three meters tall
  • in my brother's room - where he is not allowed and therefor no one is looking for him there but he somehow manages to sneak in
  • and in the bathroom, on a chair.

The last one really takes the cake since's the bathroom! Imagine coming home with a natural and wild desire to ease yourself, you leave your shoes at the entrance, throw the bags on the couch, run, run run..aaaah, bathrooom! and then: kitten!

What the hell, kitten? What the hell are you doing there?

Should Mother only dare close the door and all Hell will break loose: kitten starts shredding the door and mewing like his life depends on getting inside.
It is true, the chair is near the radiator and thus a good heat source but it's already May and the heat has been off for a few weeks now.

I have a feeling Eiríkr didn't get that memo!

Hi kitten!

Sorry, did I wake you up?

I would like to use the bathroom...

nooo, do not cover your eyes and ignore me!

yeah, like..gtfo let me sleep!
So not only does kitten ignore one's pleas to leave the bathroom but he'll also make it difficult to throw him out. He'll bury his claws deep into the chair and hold on like there's no tomorrow.

What can I say? A kitten's mind works in mysterious ways...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011