Thursday, November 05, 2009


It's been so long since this blog hasn't been updated - for reasons that could not be avoided: lack of time, lack of Internet access ... but that hasn't stopped Eiríkr from growing up and turning 6 months just yesterday.

In the month that has passed Eiríkr has become an acknowledged member of the national and international feline community: he has a health card and he has completed all his four (yes, poor thing, four!!! ) vaccines.

He successfully went through a residence change and learned what a wonderful place to sleep on radiators are and how fascinating the across the alley pigeons move.

He became a skilled gardener, carefully overlooking over the clover pot - which he grazes with care, not greed!

He lost some teeth, gained others, grown a bushy tail and an unsurpassed flair for begging yoghurt.

He has become the loveliest ball of fluff!