Sunday, August 08, 2010

Summer heat

I've noticed recently that someone's been busy and has been booing all of Eiríkr's photos/posts on the first page.

And it's not that I have something against people having an opinion - and furthermore a different opinion than mine ..but why boo such a cute little ball of fluff?

At least leave some comment and explain your choice?! Are you not content with the subject of the photographs, the quality, the photographer, the idea of this blog? Leave comment. Explain.

That being said, yes I am a little upset...

But you know who's not upset?
Yep, that's right: Eiríkr.

He's just hot. Incredibly hot. He's trying to find a cozy, cool place and he had no luck in all this 2 rooms apartment. Not even a little corner. The heat seems to follow him everywhere so he ends up in the middle of the room, belly up, in the most funny positions.

Of course, I never have the camera handy, but I managed to get some snaps of him while on the balcony...looking cool :)

If there's a place that could be considered the dirtiest, most full of leaves and dust space, you can count on Eiríkr being there!

Who, me?

Finally putting that Christmas present to good use!

Wasn't me! The gander did it!