Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Caturday Guest

Since I'm away these days I thought it would be nice to have a guest in the blog house.
It's someone you already know and probably missed. Yes, yes, it's Mistress Sara!

We've had the honour of visiting lady Sara sometime last week and she has graced us with some lovely photographs of herself, for her ever adorrring fans.

if you follow the magical gray tail you'll find a treasure at the end of it

just looking ...looking good, that is!

a bit bothered by your paparazzi behaviour actually

focus on the nose

focus on the (beautiful green) eyes

don't make me come down there, punk!

oh, noes! we've been spotted!

Sunday, April 04, 2010


Starting tomorrow and until the 24th of April Master Eiríkr will be away on holiday. Not just a simple holiday, but one that's spent in the House of Mom & Dad.
At home that is.
Away from us that is :(

Also, today is Master Eiríkr's 11 months anniversary! Weee! My, how much we have grown!

So what did just pop through our heads? Why don't we set up a photo session?!
Since we'll miss Eiríkr so much these (almost) three weeks and just because Eiríkr deserves to be photographed anytime...

..even when he washes ...

.. or when he's posing...

..when he's being cheeky and sticks his tongue out at us...

..and then pretends nothing happened...

..when he casually lets us know he's had enough...

..and he just wants to sleep.