Sunday, March 28, 2010

A game of hide and seek

The greatest invention in architecture has to be the window sill, paws down! It has so many uses for a growing kitten so if you don't have one you should definitely start building!

Today we'll introduce you to a game of hide & seek ...on the window sill, or, as others like to call it, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Dr. Jekyll


Sniff this a camera? Mind if I stick my nose in it?

Sunday, March 14, 2010


It's been more than a month since the last update.

Nothing happened to cutie pie Eiríkr, it's just that we didn't have time for a proper photo shoot. Well, he did I didn't.

Since free time is so rare these days I thought it would be a good idea to put up some of the casual photos I've taken since my last posting. Ok? Ready? It's a long post with lots of photos!


Eiríkr's helping with a photo shoot making sure the subject is properly set and the few seconds of proper sunlight we have are wasted with him in front of the camera

What? What do you mean it's too late? Here: I'll throw in a thinking pose.


someone sits grumpy on the radiator: he wanted to be in the yesterday's photo session too!

When proposed an individual shooting he pretends he doesn't care anymore and that posing and being a diva isn't what he's doing at all


another photo session for the drawings.

Our assistant, Mr.Eiríkr makes sure the light is ok and that the sunbeam is at its full warming capacity

such a daring pose!

enlarge photo to observe the freckles camp :)

Yeah, chek out those whiskers !


we're about to leave for work and Eiríkr is already up to his usual place where he probably spends half a day watching the world bellow (he's sleeping the other half, obviously)

Everything's ok, I'll watch. No worries


Eiríkr's helping with the photo shooting for Project C52. He's making sure everything's in place and no birdie will ruin the session. He's very serious about his job!

Right side: check...

Left side: check...

Oh, were you taking pictures already?


Working himself to exhaustion Master Eiríkr doesn't even have the strength to reach the bed. Any place will do for sleeping as long as it's warm:

and necks are known to be very warm!


caturday! finally a day of relaxation and pampering:

cleaning up one's tail (or just having eaten some humans...who knows?),

such a beautiful shade of green around his pupils!

close up of the freckles camp!

hold on! is that a pidgeon I see?