Wednesday, January 05, 2011

last of Eiríkr

I've left Eiríkr two weeks ago. For now, he'll have to stay in my parents' house.

Advantages: he'll have constant companionship, 3 rooms & a large balcony to roam, warmth.
Disadvantages: I miss him very very much.

In my parents' house he stays mainly in my old room. Unlike here, he doesn't sleep on the radiator though, but in his carrier that's I've dismantled and stored under an armchair. The armchair is next to the bed

Sleepy kitten is silly

It's almost like he knows I'll come for him one day and he wants to be ready for the trip back home. Isn't he the sweetest thing?
It could also be the fact that it's dark and crammed up in there and no one can bother him when he takes his naps...

Serious kitten is serious