Monday, May 16, 2011


A while ago my mother purchased a basket.

After using it, she thought of storing it in my room. To save up space, she has put all my toys in it - quite a funny and charming idea.

As you can imagine, the first to inspect and approve of this basket was Mister Eiríkr and he didn't waste the time at all: not before long he considered the basket full of fluff to be a perfect spot for snoozing and!

This is how he finds it fit to shed all his fur on my babies:

I think he believes to be one of the toys, and all for the right reasons: he's cute & he's fluffy!

And this is how Mr. Eiríkr fishes:

On purpose he leaves one of his paws get out through the wickerwork (the sucker bait).

And who can resist touching and tickling those little fluffy beans of his? No one!

And that's exactly what he hopes for ...for you see, one of his front paws is free (the loaded weapon) and able to smack you on the hand as soon as the unsuspecting victim gets its fingers close on the bait.

Usually I think of Eiríkr as a miniature lion but this time he's quite the fox: cheeky and cunning!

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